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Accommodations for every taste and every budget : below you will find several accommodation suggestions for all budgets.

Selection of hotels in the center of Paris (price per night less than 130 euros)

Cujas Panthéon, 18 rue Cujas Paris 75005 (website)

Hôtel Cluny Sorbonne, 8 rue Victor Cousin Paris 75005 (website)

Hôtel des 3 Collèges, 16 rue Cujas Paris 75005 (website)

Hôtel du Brésil, 10 rue Le Goff Paris 75005 (website)

Hôtel Design de la Sorbonne, 6 rue Victor Cousin Paris 75005 (website)


Low budget accommodation in central Paris

Paris Region is willing to offer low budget accommodation, ideally located within the city centre and easily accessible : click here.

Selection of Parisian youth accommodation establishments

Generator (950 beds), 9 - 11 place du Colonel Fabien Paris 75010

Saint Christopher's Inn Gare du Nord (600 beds), 5 rue de Dunkerque Paris 75010

Les Piaules (162 beds), 59 boulevard de Belleville Paris 75011

Arty (100 beds), 62 rue des Morillons Paris 75015

Hostel Yves Robert (330 beds), 20 esplanade Nathalie Sarraute Paris 75018

Saint Christopher's Inn Canal (273 beds), 159 rue de Crimée Paris 75019

CISP Kellermann & CISP Maurice Ravel (600 beds), 6 avenue Maurice Ravel Paris 75012

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