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All proposals must be submitted on the website. You must first create a personal account on the online platform via the connection module at the top right-hand side of the page, or to do so click on the module below "Submit a proposal".

Individual paper proposals :

- a summary in english no longer than a half page - 300 words - (step 1 of the module "Submit a proposal) and as a file attachment (step 3)

- a short 100/150-words biographical note, with indication of academic title or professional position, adress and e-mail address (step 3)


For a session :

- a general presentation - 300 words - (step 1)

- an abstract of each paper (300 words maximum) as a file attachment (step 3)

- a short 100/150-words biographical note for each speaker (step 3)


Calendar :

Deadline for proposals for papers and sessions: March 2019, 1st

The deadline has been extended to 24 March 2019.

Letter of acceptance: May 2019, 1st

Letter of acceptance before April 2019, 20th.

Once an abstract or panel has been accepted, there will be a strict deadline for conference registration and full payment at least three months prior to the conference in order to appear on the program.

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